For your convenience, Cottage Charm will reserve one available event date for 24 hours with no deposit or contract required. A courtesy hold may be placed on only one date at a time per party.

To book your event date, a deposit of $750 down and a signed Rental Contract are required. The paid deposit will be applied towards your final bill.

Payment in full must be received no less than 1 month prior to the event. No event will be provided if full payment is not received at least 3 business days prior to the event.

In the event of a cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible. The initial $750 deposit is non-refundable. If cancelled within one month prior to your schedule event, 50% of the remaining balance paid will be refunded.

The rental fee includes 5 hours of exclusively reserved time for your event. This time slot accounts for set-up & clean up as well. Additional time may be purchased at $200 per hour and is subject to availability. Your event must be scheduled to end a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ending rental time. The final half-hour of your rental will be used for late guests and for the event party to clear out gifts, leftover cake and food, etc. Any outside vendors are limited to the same time frames.

Our open catering policy allows you to bring in whomever / whatever you choose, without any additional fees. We only ask that the kitchen & food table areas are left clean, and all leftover food & cake has been removed.

We apologize in advance, but we do not allow alcohol at this time. Illegal substances are not permitted. If drugs or alcohol are discovered on the premises, the Responsible Party is subject to lose their refundable fee.

According to Utah State Law, smoking is not permitted inside or within 25 feet of Cottage Charm.

Cottage Charm welcomes the use of candles to create a warm ambiance. However, all candles must be in a container and all burning flames must be below the rim of its container. Damage caused by flames or melted wax will be billed to the Responsible Party.

The event party is welcome to bring in any outside decorations. Any alterations to Cottage Charm’s items must be pre-approved by management. The event party is responsible to ensure that no damage is made to the facility or surrounding property and that all decorations are removed that evening by your rental end time.

Cottage Charm provides a sound system, HDTV w/DVD player, and microphone for your convenience. Please ask staff to turn on and manage all equipment.

A sparkler send-off is provided, however children under the age of 12 must have parent consent. Cottage Charm does not permit the use of rice, birdseed, glitter, confetti, or any other materials that attract animals or may be difficult to clean up. Decorating vehicles is permitted but cleanup is the wedding party’s responsibility.

It is the event party’s responsibility to gather and remove their personal items within the given time frame. Cottage Charm will provide any further cleanup, with the exception of messes left behind by getaway vehicles. If an outside vendor is unable to remove their items or equipment after an event, it is the event party’s responsibility to remove and return it to the vendor. The Responsible Party will be held accountable for all missing property or damage to the facility. Cottage Charm is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or left behind; however, we will do our best to contact you if any of these items are found. These items must be recovered in a timely manner or will be donated at our discretion.

Cottage Charm is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred by the responsible party or any guests. Children must be supervised by an adult both in the building and in the parking area.